Cincom L12

Machining with a guide bush is ideal for machining long, slim parts. However, when working with guide bushing, a relatively large rod remain remains when machining short workpieces, which pushes the material costs upwards. The optimal machine configuration depends on the workpiece to be machined – and hitherto different machine types have been required for different requirements. The L12 solves this problem. The guide bush can be easily and quickly installed (<30min) and dismantled so that the machine can be adapted to the respective workpiece requirements. This automatic lathe takes on two tasks that normally require two machines and can effectively process long and short workpieces alike. It also offers performance without compromising high-speed processing of small-diameter parts. The high-speed main spindle with 15,000 rpm and driven tools with a speed of 10,000 rpm ensure shorter cycle times. The L series, traditionally an important pillar of the Cincom brand, is now setting new standards in terms of functionality and performance in the field of automatic turning machines.

Special features:

  • Minimum cycle times
  • Can be used as a long or short rotation
  • Angle-adjustable holder on the vertical holder
  • Easiest operation
  • High speed on the driven tools
  • Extensive standard equipment
Cincom L12

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